Using Ships Wheels As Home Decor

The importance of the wheel of a ship is overshadowed by very few other parts. Because of its straightforward but vital function, these items are symbols of leadership. The humble beginnings of this association started when wheels were first implemented onto ships as an alternate steering tool. In historical periods  when these items didn’t exist, wooden panels attached tightly to the rudder were used in their stead. Today, we know the ship’s wheel as the first and only method of steering a ship. This tool was first used on boats that had massive sails.
Because sailing boats and ships wheels were used so closely together, they tended to evolve together. Technology for both the sail boat and ships wheels were required to be similar, as the two always worked in tandem. Ship builders often created new boats and new methods of steering alongside each other. Because wood was the default material in making ships of the older days, ships wheels were crafted from wood as well. These items weren’t completely made from wood, however, and many were accented with metal for directional purposes. The metal used in these bits corresponded to the position of key stars in the night sky, and were often made from brass. On many occasions, ships wheels held the dates and seasons for many constellations in its wooden frame. The inclusions of these pieces of information helped a helmsman to determine his bearings. The Northern Star, Polaris, was among one of the most vital stars to navigation on the sea.
Some ships wheels even had names that were unique from the ship’s name. This is a popular find when one is using the wheel